Congratulations Podmoers :DDD

You've made it through another track (and Amplificathon!) and made awesome, awesome podfic. When you log your minutes, please DO feel free to brag about/link to your successes and to generally pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

As ever, thanks for playing <3
Second to last day of Track 7! So exciting? How did you push yourself to take advantage of the nearly-the-end-of-the-track energy?
Hello podficcers! How's Day 27 treating you? This is your daily moderator request for a juicy tell-all :D
Day 24 is upon us! How did you spend it? We want to hear it all so we can squee with you, or maybe just commiserate.
Tell us all about your Day 23? Did you tuck yourself away in your recording space and go on and on and on? Did you wrestle with editing? Make cover art?
Tell us all about your Day 22 as it progresses/has progressed (I'm looking at you, Australia). Are you happy with what you managed?
Another day, another check-in! How did Day 21 go for you?
It's Day 20 and we're into the homestretch! If you've been absent, come back to our welcoming arms and posts. If you've been checking in all along, keep on keeping on.

How'd today go?
Happy Day 19! We hope it went well. Please share with us :)
It's Day 18! How did it go for you? Did you meet your goals?
It feels like we JUST POSTED yesterday's check-in! Wow, time flies.

How are all of you doing today?
Tell us how you did :D What got done? What made you want to tear your hair out? (It was the editing wasn't it, it's always the editing.)
How's today going? What's going right and what's going wrong?
Heeeeello! Please forgive the late post, both of your moderators made it and both of us managed to do it to this account personal journal.

How did you do today? Better than we did, we hope! Share with us :)
It's Day 13! Come and tell us your minutes and share what you're working on.
We've now made it to the twelfth day of ReMoPodMo! How goes the podfic?
Come and log your minutes here! And tell us all about what you're working on :)
Apologies for the delay on getting this post up! But here is Sunday's post, let us know how you're getting on.
It's the weekend! Which of course means, more time to podfic! So, how are you getting on?
Congratulations everybody, you've made it through a week of ReMoPodMo! There's still more to go though, so let us know what you've been working on today.


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