Welcome to [community profile] remopodmo, Track 7! You've probably got some questions, so let's dive right into the FAQ.


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Come join us for Track 7 of Record More Podfic Month!

ReMoPodMo Amplificathon Round Banner

Your friendly moderators for this track will be [personal profile] cantarina and [personal profile] croissantkatie.

The challenge will run from April 4th to April 31st. Sign-ups will run until 11:59pm PST on April 7th.

Sign-ups are open effective today. To do so, please leave your username and your minute count commitment (minimum 10 minutes a day) as a new comment thread to this post.

If you've got questions, please check out our FAQ here! If you've got any other questions, please ask!

If you would like to promote the challenge, you can use one of [personal profile] bessyboo's excellent banners.

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