It feels like we JUST POSTED yesterday's check-in! Wow, time flies.

How are all of you doing today?
Another day, another podfic.

We're over halfway through the month of November, PodMoer's! Are you still hanging in there or is your enthusiasm beginning to wane? It looks like a lot of our works are in the final stages, so let's work together and finish strong. \o/

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Hello and welcome to Day 17!

How is everyone getting along in the world of podfic?

Day 17 on LJ
Sorry, the post is late, I was at the doctor's office again. But, I think the dr. I saw today has managed to come up with the right diagnosis, which means I should be on the mend from today onward. Yay!

So, your assignment for today:
1. Brag about ALL the time you’ve spent recording/editing
2. Complain about ALL the time you’ve spent re-recording/editing, or
3. Give us the bare minimum of what you’ve been up to in your check-in post today. :P

Day 17 on LJ
Day 17, please leave your totals for Sly to comment on!

Day 17 on LiveJournal
Minutes, frustrations, and victories, please! Who's going to clock the most minutes today?


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