Penultimate day of Track 5. How did you manage? We're so close to the end! Go go go go go!

Day 29 on LJ
The countdown continues! There are only two days left in Track/Round 4 of ReMoPodMo. Everyone has been working hard on any number of projects and it's been brilliant to see what people are doing both in the podfic process and with the actual podfics themselves.

As usual, I am impatient and can hardly wait to see what everyone has been working on. :P

Don't forget to check-in and post your minutes in the comments.

Day 29 on LJ
Second to last day! Please let us know how you did.

Please note that for the duration of the latest DDOS attack on LiveJournal, all LJ ReMoPodMo participants are welcome to check-in here.
Only three more check-ins left after today! Let's hear how Day 29 unfolded for all of you; minutes, accomplishments, and woes, please.


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