Congratulations everyone!

Today is Day 30, the final day of ReMoPodMo Track 3.

I'd like to apologize for the late posting. I've been dealing with ongoing computer problems and haven't been able to get online much today.

On a happier note! Share the work you got done today! What did you accomplish this month? What are you proud of and what's still driving you up the wall with frustration? Feel free to link to some or all of the podfic you've created over the course of the month!

If you're going to miss all of this, keep an eye on the community! Track 4 will run during the final month of Amplificathon.

Finally, with special shout-outs to gorgeous graphic-maker [personal profile] bessyboo and cheerleader extraordinaire [profile] sly_hostetter, thank you for participating. This thing doesn't happen without all of you.

Day 30 on LiveJournal
Second to last day! Please let us know how you did.

Please note that for the duration of the latest DDOS attack on LiveJournal, all LJ ReMoPodMo participants are welcome to check-in here.
Day 28 ReMo'ers! We're on a countdown now: 3 days to go (2, if you're far enough on the other side of GMT). Let's give a last, strong push! Even if you haven't checked-in at all this month, see what you can get done these final days.

Please leave your daily totals, accomplishments and woes here and when I get in tonight, I expect to see my inbox full of comments!

Day 28 on LiveJournal
Please leave your totals for Day 27 in the comments!

Day 27 on LiveJournal
Share your work with us! How many minutes did you put in? What made you feel elated and what made you feel endlessly frustrated?

Day 26 on LiveJournal
How did Day 24 go, podders? Were you Americans completely distracted by Thanksgiving celebrations, or were you able to carve out some time? What about everyone else who had a busy Thursday, for whatever reason?

Day 24 on LiveJournal
Happy Podficcing, Remo'ers!

Let's hear how you did today. Minutes go in the comments.

Day 23 on LiveJournal
Let's hear about your podfic progress! Check-ins are dropping off, so let's see if we can't all get in our minimums today. It's never too late to get back at it!

Day 22 on LiveJournal
It's Day 21! We're into the final third of ReMoPodMo now, so let's finish strong. (In an effort to be a team player, I did almost an hour of recording and at least that much editing yesterday. Go go everyone!)

Please leave your totals, triumphs, and tears in the comments.

Day 21 on LiveJournal
Please check-in for Day 20!

What projects are you working on? Any challenge deadlines coming up on you?

Day 20 on LiveJournal
Ch-ch-ch-check-in time! Please let us know how Day 19 went for you.

Day 19 on LiveJournal
Hello podders!

You folks know what to do. Leave your minutes and commentary below!

Day 18 on LiveJournal
Day 17, please leave your totals for Sly to comment on!

Day 17 on LiveJournal
Let us know how you're doing! Minutes and all the rest go in the comments.

Day 16 on LiveJournal
My apologies for the extremely late post! It's still the 15th in most of the Americas?

Please leave your Day 15 totals in the comments!

Day 15 on LiveJournal
Please leave your minutes, triumphs, and frustrations here!

Day 14 on LiveJournal
Let us know how Day 13 has gone! How many minutes did you spend on podfic today? What did you do with them? Did you finish anything or post a part of a WIP? Did you start a new project?

Day 13 on LiveJournal
It's that time of the day again!

Please leave your minutes, accomplishments, and snarling frustration in the comments. As always, feel free to encourage or jabber on at your peers.

Day 12 at LiveJournal
Happy happy Day 11!

Is everyone still working away on pod_aware at a feverish pitch, or has anyone moved onto or back to other projects? What about those of you working on your epic WIPs?

Day 11 on LiveJournal


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