Happy Day 19! We hope it went well. Please share with us :)

In keeping with [profile] sly_hostetter's post yesterday, I'd like to ask, "What makes you want to keep podficcing?"

We've all had those days when Audacity crashes and loses our work or recording a take feels like pulling teeth or no matter how many times you try, you simply cannot say that one Nordic incantation in your Thor podfic. What makes you come back to the mic, no matter how many times the external forces get you down?

Let's inspire each other to keep going! o/\o

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It's Day 19!

How have you all been getting along?

Day 19 on LJ
Leave your minutes in the comments, please. :D
Ch-ch-ch-check-in time! Please let us know how Day 19 went for you.

Day 19 on LiveJournal
Apologies for the ongoing late posts! Things should head back to normal in about a week, when I'm in my own time zone again. Also note that the lovely [personal profile] paraka will be hosting tomorrow's check-in post. Please treat it as you would a normal check-in post!

In the meantime: I believe that all of you have minutes for me today?


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