Tell us all about your Day 23? Did you tuck yourself away in your recording space and go on and on and on? Did you wrestle with editing? Make cover art?
There's only 4 days left in November, PodMoer's. Comment below with how you're going to spend that time.

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
Day 23!

Let us know what's going well for you :)

Day 23 on LJ
There are only seven days left in Track 4 of [community profile] remopodmo! Are you scrabbling to get projects done for [community profile] amplificathon or have you planned ahead and are right on track?

Let us know in your check-in comments. :)

Day 23 on LJ
Happy Podficcing, Remo'ers!

Let's hear how you did today. Minutes go in the comments.

Day 23 on LiveJournal
Please leave your minutes for Day 23 here!


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