I'm calling the official end to Track 2! If you haven't checked-in on any given day, you're now past the deadline to do so.

Thank you to all of you for being so enthusiastic about this Track of [community profile] remopodmo. We had as many people stick with us all month as we had total sign-ups during Track 1 and two or three participants even clocked 8+ hour days! Special thanks go out to [personal profile] paraka, for all sorts of behind-the-scenes and day-of posting help.

Hope to see all of you again sometime before December for Track 3 :)
We've arrived! June 20th, Day 32.

One last check-in for Track 2. Minutes, woes, and accomplishments, please!
Second-to-last day! Let's hear the results of your last-minute pushes :D
Please leave your minutes here, podders!
Only three more check-ins left after today! Let's hear how Day 29 unfolded for all of you; minutes, accomplishments, and woes, please.
Alright podders, with only a few days left to this year's Amplificathon, let's hear those minutes! What are you trying to get done before it closes up shop until 2012?
Hey all, [personal profile] cantarina asked me if I could do the check in post for her today.

So let me know how you're doing, what you're minutes are and if you're ready to drop as we get closer to the end :)
Podders, you know what to do! Let me hear about your hard work. Less than a week to go!
It's been a slow few days, podders. Let's see if we can kick it back up a few notches! Please report minutes and the rest here.
Please leave your minutes for the day! What's going well? What makes you want to tear your hair out? What are you working on?
Please leave your minutes for Day 23 here!
You know what to do! Let's hear it in the comments, fellow podders.
Back to your regularly scheduled mod! I hope that all of you treated [personal profile] paraka well yesterday and filled her post's comments section with lots and lots of check-ins.

Let's get today's minutes, accomplishments, and woes as we hit the two-thirds of the way there line.
paraka: A baby wearing headphones and holding a mic (Default)
([personal profile] paraka Jun. 8th, 2011 10:07 am)
Hi everyone!

I'm filling in for our lovely mod for today's check ins. And I'm excited to see how everyone's doing! Let me know your minutes, frustrations and triumphs :D
Apologies for the ongoing late posts! Things should head back to normal in about a week, when I'm in my own time zone again. Also note that the lovely [personal profile] paraka will be hosting tomorrow's check-in post. Please treat it as you would a normal check-in post!

In the meantime: I believe that all of you have minutes for me today?
Please check-in here for your day 18 totals! Two weeks to go :)
Minutes, frustrations, and victories, please! Who's going to clock the most minutes today?
Let's hear it for the day! Minutes in the comments, please.
Let's hear how you did today, podders! Minutes, accomplishments, and frustrations, please.
Day 14!

Let us know what you got up to today. Any completed projects? What distracted you?


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