Second to last day of Track 7! So exciting? How did you push yourself to take advantage of the nearly-the-end-of-the-track energy?
All of you have been working hard on all sorts of podfic-related things. With Track 6 nearing an end just how close are you to finishing your projects? Will you be ready to post soon?

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
Apologies for the delay!

How did your Day 26 go? Triumphs and tribulations? (Hopefully, no Tribbles.)

Day 26 on LJ
Counting today, there are only five days left in Track 4 of ReMoPodMo.

Have you been meeting your daily goals? Tell us about it in your check-in!

p.s. have you contributed to The Pod That Doesn't End?

Day 26 on LJ
Share your work with us! How many minutes did you put in? What made you feel elated and what made you feel endlessly frustrated?

Day 26 on LiveJournal
Podders, you know what to do! Let me hear about your hard work. Less than a week to go!


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