Heeeeello! Please forgive the late post, both of your moderators made it and both of us managed to do it to this account personal journal.

How did you do today? Better than we did, we hope! Share with us :)
Guten tag, PodMo'ers!

It's Sunday, which means that the weekend is almost over. Are you making tracks today with your editing and/or recording? Are you getting ready to post wonderful, wonderful podfics for everyone to listen to and enjoy?

What's up with you? Stop on by and let us know, we can't wait to hear from you. :D

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
We're coming up on the half-way mark! How did Day 14 treat you?

Day 14 on LJ
Sorry, the post is so late today, I had no internet access all of this morning/afternoon. But, it looks like we are back in business! So, yay! \o/

Check in for day 14 here. ;)

Day 14 on LJ
Please leave your minutes, triumphs, and frustrations here!

Day 14 on LiveJournal
Day 14!

Let us know what you got up to today. Any completed projects? What distracted you?


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