Welcome to Day 3! Log your minutes here and tell us all about what you've been working on.
Welcome back, PodMo'ers!

It's time to report back on your progress for today. Here we can share in each other's triumphs or grieve for our podfic-losses (either literal or figurative). Don't worry, if today wasn't your best day. Even if you didn't touch the microphone, we'd still like to hear from you. :)

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
And it's on to Day 3!

How has everyone been getting on?

Day 3 on LJ
Day 3! Time for the tell-all. What have you been up to today?

Day 3 on LJ
Alright Podders, let's see your check-ins! What have you done on Day 3? Minutes, accomplishments and woes go in the comments.

Day 3 on LiveJournal
How'd it go today? Please leave your minute count and any other commentary. Also, don't forget that you can and are encouraged to leave comments to each other's check-ins!


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