Another day, another check-in! How did Day 21 go for you?
We've now reached Day 21!

How are you all getting on?

Day 21 on LJ
Welcome to the homestretch! With only nine days left in the Amplificathon round, it's never been a better time to post those minutes. :D
It's Day 21! We're into the final third of ReMoPodMo now, so let's finish strong. (In an effort to be a team player, I did almost an hour of recording and at least that much editing yesterday. Go go everyone!)

Please leave your totals, triumphs, and tears in the comments.

Day 21 on LiveJournal
Back to your regularly scheduled mod! I hope that all of you treated [personal profile] paraka well yesterday and filled her post's comments section with lots and lots of check-ins.

Let's get today's minutes, accomplishments, and woes as we hit the two-thirds of the way there line.


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