Welcome to Day 28's check-in post! Today is the third-to-last-day of ReMoPodMo Track 5 - let's finish strong. Go podficcers go!

Let us know how you did today.

Day 28 on LJ
It's the last weekend of ReMoPodMo, are you working on those wonderful BIG projects or playing around with the lovely little ones?

Tell us about it in your check-in. :D

Day 28 on LJ
Day 28 ReMo'ers! We're on a countdown now: 3 days to go (2, if you're far enough on the other side of GMT). Let's give a last, strong push! Even if you haven't checked-in at all this month, see what you can get done these final days.

Please leave your daily totals, accomplishments and woes here and when I get in tonight, I expect to see my inbox full of comments!

Day 28 on LiveJournal
Alright podders, with only a few days left to this year's Amplificathon, let's hear those minutes! What are you trying to get done before it closes up shop until 2012?


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