Congratulations, PodMoers. Today is November 30th, the last day of Track 5. You've made it \o/

Please tell us how not only today has gone, but all about your month. Your stories, [personal profile] croissantkatie and I want them. Thanks for spending the last few weeks with us!

Day 30 on LJ
Penultimate day of Track 5. How did you manage? We're so close to the end! Go go go go go!

Day 29 on LJ
Welcome to Day 28's check-in post! Today is the third-to-last-day of ReMoPodMo Track 5 - let's finish strong. Go podficcers go!

Let us know how you did today.

Day 28 on LJ
Tell us all about Day 27! What went right? What went wrong?

Day 27 on LJ
Apologies for the delay!

How did your Day 26 go? Triumphs and tribulations? (Hopefully, no Tribbles.)

Day 26 on LJ
Please spill all of the juicy details of Day 25 :D

Day 25 on LJ
Today was Day 24. Did you make your minimums? Did you blow them out of the water?

Day 24 on LJ
Day 23!

Let us know what's going well for you :)

Day 23 on LJ
Okay Team ReMoPodMo, I'll be steering this ship until the month comes to a close. Let's do this thing, yeah?

Log your Day 22 progress below.

Day 22 on LJ
We've now reached Day 21!

How are you all getting on?

Day 21 on LJ
Why, it's Day 20!

How many minutes have you logged today?

Day 20 on LJ
It's Day 19!

How have you all been getting along?

Day 19 on LJ
Hello and welcome to Day 17!

How is everyone getting along in the world of podfic?

Day 17 on LJ
It's day 16! Sorry for the delay in getting this up, my schedule was a bit different than normal and I got confused.

Anyway! How did everyone get on today?

Day 16 on LJ
And we've now reached Day 15!

How are your minutes coming along?

Day 15 on LJ
We're coming up on the half-way mark! How did Day 14 treat you?

Day 14 on LJ
Happy Day 13!

What's going well? What's more frustrating that fun?

Day 13 on LJ
How did Day 11 go? Please tell us all about your triumphs and tortures.

Day 11 on LJ


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