Apologies for the delay on getting this post up! But here is Sunday's post, let us know how you're getting on.
Come one, come all, to the Track 6 Daily Check-In post and share your podfic tales or woes with us!

This is a limited time offer, as this track will soon be over and not available in stores near you. Comment in the next few minutes and you will get all the glory and acclaim you deserve for such a swift response.

But wait! If you are the first, the very first comment to this post, a special prize awaits you!

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
Day 10!

In which the check-in post goes up late because Cantarina was sidetracked trying to dig up Breaker High fanfiction. Let us know how you chose to spend your day more productively than that!

Day 10 on LJ
Officially a third of the way through the month! Please log your minutes here.

Day 10 on LJ
We're now officially a third of the way through ReMoPodMo!

How did Day 10 go? What habits have helped you get this far? What are you going to change moving forward?

Day 10 on LiveJournal
This is your daily check-in post for May 29th. You know what to do, so let's hear your reports!


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