Tell us how you did :D What got done? What made you want to tear your hair out? (It was the editing wasn't it, it's always the editing.)
Hello, hello, PodMo'ers!

I know it's Tuesday in my neck of the woods, but wowza! does it ever feel like a Monday! Have you been running all around and feeling like you just aren't getting anything done? Or, have you buckled down and said "NO!" to distraction and podficced your hats off?

Do you have BIG podfic plans for the upcoming holiday season? I know that I've been researching microphones, in the off chance that I can find one I like enough to add to my Christmas list, lol. What's on your podfic wishlist? It can be a story that you love and wish was available as a podfic, or perhaps equipment for recording, or hey, even a specially designed room/closet dedicated only to podficcing!!!

Let us know! Let us know!

*Reminder: This track, we are only posting on Dreamwidth. If you only have a Livejournal, or another platform, you can sign in using OpenID.
It's day 16! Sorry for the delay in getting this up, my schedule was a bit different than normal and I got confused.

Anyway! How did everyone get on today?

Day 16 on LJ
Monday. Hmm, not much to say about Mondays is there?

Well, I think we all know why you've found yourself at this particular post, lol.
Please, post your minutes for today in the comments! We look forward to seeing what everyone's been up to.

Day 16 on LJ
Let us know how you're doing! Minutes and all the rest go in the comments.

Day 16 on LiveJournal
Let's hear it for the day! Minutes in the comments, please.


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