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Second to last day of Track 7! So exciting? How did you push yourself to take advantage of the nearly-the-end-of-the-track energy?
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I don't even know how many extra minutes/hours to log at this point. I forgot to check in. But I think I did 15 podfics during this timeframe? Albeit, some of them were like a minute or two minutes long. Once I got rolling, I got rolling. I also used time on a train to edit podfic which I never would have thought to do before.

Thank you so much for hosting. I'm pretty sure I exceeded my expectations, especially given that I knew I was going to be out of town for part of it and having guests for another part.
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From: [personal profile] croissantkatie

You have done amazingly! So much new podfic which is wonderful. Thank you for taking part <3


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