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Welcome to [community profile] remopodmo, Track 7! You've probably got some questions, so let's dive right into the FAQ.


What is this anyway?
ReMoPodMo - Record More Podfic Month - is a challenge to encourage the creation of podfic. You, the podficcer, make a commitment to spend a certain number of minutes a day working on any part of you projects. During earlier Tracks, the community also shaped up to be a social, supportive place and we'd like to maintain that moving forward!

What's a "track"?
Track is the word we use to describe a round of ReMoPodMo. We're an audio community and your moderators wanted to be cutesy and play off of the term used on most audio CDs.

What do I get out of this?
Hopefully, lots and lots of podfic! Also, it's a structured atmosphere with a loose rule set and like-minded people to help you stay motivated and on track.

How many minutes to I have to commit to doing each day?
You can commit to as little as 10 minutes. After that, the sky's the limit, but try to keep it achievable. We've also had members commit to different minute counts on different days (for example, 20 minutes on weekdays and 300 minutes on weekends).

What parts of the podficcing process can I put my minutes toward?
Anything that's helpful to you and involves your active participation, from re-reading the story in review, to recording, to editing and/or adding in music and effects. Rendering (the process of converting .aup or .band file to .mp3 format) time doesn't count! You're not doing any work ;)

Didn't this used to run on LiveJournal? Are you on Tumblr?

We did used to run on LJ and you can still find the archive of past tracks there. We opened up the community on this platform for Track 2 and as the sign-up tide turned overwhelmingly toward DreamWidth, so did we. At the moment, we're only on this platform, but you're more than welcome to use an OpenID identity to participate.

What's a "check-in"? How do I do it?
By noon EDT during every day of a ReMoPodMo month, a moderator will put up a post asking you to leave your minutes. Those are the daily check-in posts and leaving a comment with your minute count (whether it's under, over, or bang on) is all you need to do. Feel free to tell us about what you're working, what frustrated you or made you happy about your work, or anything else that's relevant to your podficcing. You should also feel free to reply to other people's threads with commiseration or words of support.

Are you keeping a spreadsheet of our minutes, like [ profile] mini_nanowrimo does with word count?
No, but if there's enough interest, that's something that might change during future tracks.

So is anyone keeping track of whether I meet my daily goals?
Yes? Your moderators are in and out of the daily check-in posts to reply to check-ins, but we're not keeping formal tabs.

Wait, so who are the mods?
Your Track 7 mod team are [personal profile] cantarina and [personal profile] croissantkatie. Expect to see us in and about the comment sections :D

Will the mods remind me to do my daily minutes?
No. That part is up to you.

What if I put in minutes, but forget to log them the day of?
Not a problem! Go back to the appropriate post and leave a comment.

What happens if I don't meet my daily goal?
That's okay! If you miss Day 10, come back strong on Day 11, or as soon as you're able. Missing a day or even every day won't restrict your participation in future tracks.

How often does ReMoPodMo happen?
There's usually a track in November and another during the final month of Amplificathon (April-ish).


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